When considering the word credit, we think of what we owe. We might charge something now and pay later. It could be a debt that is paid on a regular payment plan. It could be in errs and has become outstanding due to an inability to afford it. Perhaps it was due to negligence or mounting financial challenges. For some, day to day living expenses took priority and little was left to pay the bills. Creditors want their money. Tactics used for some are not always kind, humane, or legal and its important to be aware of them.

Credit harassment comes in many forms. If you are experiencing unfair treatment from a creditor, personal bankruptcy can help.

There are many people who owe money that are living on edge. In today’s technological world there now exists Robo-blaster. To many they are also known as Robo-bullies. A bully is anyone using strength or power to harm or intimidate those that are weaker. This robotic phone system is capable of making 10,000,000 phone calls a day for a cost of less than one cent. An individual may be phoned ten to twenty times a day often before 8:00am and/or after 9:00pm. These practices undermine the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Fear is at the core. Pre-recorded messages are often left threatening to garnish wages, seize property, or be arrested. Sometimes debt is still reported to credit bureaus even though various debts have been paid. Sometimes the amount owed is lied about.

In addition to filling consumers with fear is the act of harassment. It is certainly humiliating when messages have been left with your employer after requesting not to do that. In addition to talking about you to your employer, they include your family and friends. Perhaps there have even been threats to publish financial situation, or social media has been used to contact you. It is all aggressive and distressing to say the least. In addition to this some people have experienced obscene language as well as threats of violence.

If you owe money, a creditor has the right to contact you to collect. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, however says debt collectors cannot harass, verbally abuse or oppress a debtor. Prepare yourself and know your rights. A personal bankruptcy attorney can help.

If you feel you are losing control of your finances and can’t keep up on your credit card or other debt payments call one of our bankruptcy attorneys today. Harassment from creditors is against the law and violates your physical and emotional health. Hines Law cares and will help you make the right choice for your financial situation. Gain control with sound advice, call us today!