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Let Us Help You Start Your New Financial Future!


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Our Massachusetts Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys throughout Framingham and Worcester Counties, Get Results!

Located in beautiful Middlesex County MA, the bankruptcy lawyers of Hines Law Offices, take pride in the representation of individuals in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Our firm represents clients from nearby communities including cities near; Watertown, Westborough, Cambridge, and Newtwon Massachusetts.

We offer a FREE initial consultation so that we can better understand your circumstances and develop a solid plan of action. Our attorneys welcome the possibility to start working to immediately stop collection calls from home foreclosures and debt collectors. When we meet with prospective clients, we are able to advise whether bankruptcy is the right choice, and if so, what form of bankruptcy is best to file based on each individual’s unique circumstances.

We are happy to work out a plan for prioritizing your payments. An affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts is just a call away! We recognize the emotional stress that surrounds a these proceedings, and deciding whether or not to file is a very serious decision.

Located in beautiful Middlesex County MA, the bankruptcy lawyers of Hines Law Offices, take pride in the representation of individuals in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Our firm represents clients from all surrounding communities including; Lowell, Cambridge, Newtwon, and Framingham.

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The bankruptcy lawyers at our Law Offices, offer competitive rates, and will work with you even if you don’t have the full amount right now.

Many personal bankruptcies are triggered by circumstances well outside an individual’s control. Life events such as; significant illness, loss of a job, and even divorce can negatively affect a person’s ability to maintain and enjoy their lifestyle.

To make matters worse, creditor harassment, collection letters, phone calls, and most importantly the fear of losing a home – compound the level of stress these events cause.

You will find the lawyers at our legal practice, compassionate and skilled at understanding the realities common to debt relief. We provide clear and practical advice so that our clients capture the best the legal system can offer. We look forward to completing the filing process and obtaining the discharge order, so that our clients can get a fresh start in life!

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Benefits of hiring a bankruptcy attorney from our Framingham, MA Law Office

An incredibly serious and important decision that has significant implications; is the choice to file for debt relief protection. We are here to help you decide whether filing is right for you, in Massachusetts. There are two basic bankruptcy cases we handle and will advise you on whether you are better off proceeding with a Chapter 13 repayment plan, or if you qualify for a Chapter 7 liquidation.

There are many benefits for filing for protection, and we have highlighted some below:


Stop harassment from bill collectors and collection agencies


Stop garnishments on bank accounts and wages


Stop vehicle repossessions


Prevent utility companies from shutting off service


Eliminate a portion of back taxes

Summary Differences Between Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Who is eligible?

Individuals and Businesses

Individuals only

Bankruptcy Type



Length of time for a discharge

Usually 3-5 months

Usually 3-5 years after completion of payment plan


Debtors and quickly discharge most debts

Debtors can keep their property and catch-up on missed payments such as mortgage and car

What happens to your Property?

Trustee can sell to pay creditors

Debtors keep property, however, must pay unsecured creditors an agreed amount


Cannot catch-up on missed payments to avoid repossession or foreclosure

Must make monthly payments for 3-5 years and may be required to payback a portion of unsecured debt

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