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Overwhelming financial debt is a problem that does not go away on its own. Depending on your situation, personal bankruptcy can provide a sensible debt solution. At Hines Law Offices, we handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and are committed to safeguard your interests and your future by providing the right solution for your case.

How does personal debt happen? Poor budgeting and overspending aren’t the only reasons for debt.

Unhealthy budgets that lead to overwhelming debt can be a result of many things. Here are some reasons.

Job Loss – Losing your job can quickly deplete your savings. Severance helps, but usually isn’t enough to cover all your expenses, especially if you are trying to keep your health insurance.

Medical Expenses – Even for those with health insurance, medical bills add up. Insurance doesn’t cover everything, and medical emergencies and illness can happen to anyone at any time.

Divorce – Separation and divorce usually means a loss of income and assets for the parties involved. It also means splitting the debt that was accrued during the marriage. The lawyer’s fees for the divorce can also add to the financial strain.

Reduced Income – Even though you are employed, if the company you work for is trying to reduce their expenses, it may result in a pay cut and reduced bonus. When you are accustomed to a certain salary a pay reduction can lead to financial problems pretty quickly.


The rising costs of electricity, heat and air conditioning make it hard to make ends meet. Gas prices as well as grocery bills are no stranger to rising costs and help pave the way to overwhelming debt.

Emergencies – Unexpected events such as storm damage to your home, a car breaking down or a death in the family can use up your savings fast. Even if you are a planner and have saved for years, an emergency can lead to debt.

Regardless of the reason(s), losing control of your finances is extremely stressful and emotionally draining. If you are in financial straits and are overwhelmed with debt, personal bankruptcy may be an option for you. Hines Law is a Full-Service Legal Firm that handles all types of personal debt relief matters.

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