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Spending your nights sleepless and sweating from thoughts about finances isn’t just a problem for your wallet, it can severely impact your health and daily life. It’s something you may not think about, how your health can be tied to what your bank account is doing, but the real impact of stress on the body is measurable and can be truly harmful if you let it get out of hand. Those sleepless nights and headaches aren’t just one-time problems.

If you are overwhelmed with debt, know that you have debt relief options such as personal bankruptcy.

Over half of all Americans have reported they are stressed about money. And that stress associated with finances could be putting people at risk for stress related disorders and secondary issues. From your cardiac system, to your metabolism, the stress that money can put on your life is seen in your health and it’s not pretty.

What are some of the ways your financial situation can run down your life from a physical standpoint? We’ve put together a few examples of what has been known to happen.


This is perhaps the most obvious side effect of financial issues and it can come with its own associated problems. Insomnia is a common side effect of stress and results in even more frustration, headaches, digestive issues, metabolic issues, and more. The constant fear of financial woes can cause you to lose sleep with an overactive, and panicked, brain.

Cognitive Function

It probably comes as no surprise that financial worries can completely take over your brain. It doesn’t just consume your thoughts; it can also hamper the way you do your work and to what level you effectively get things done. It can make you a slower reader, lower your comprehension, and make previously simple tasks difficult.

Serious Conditions

Beyond mental health there are serious physical conditions as well. The stress can do damage to your metabolic system and how well it functions, it can put you at risk for heart disease, and even cause problems in your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Long term this will wear on you, physically.

Related Questions

Can Money Problems Cause Depression?

Yes. Many of the above symptoms are also symptoms of depression or can lead to depression if not handled appropriately. Unfortunately, in this regard, it can be a dangerous cycle where one can lead or worsen the other.

What Can I Do?

The best thing to do is remove the money as an issue. Get your finances in order so you don’t have to worry about it. Or, at the very least, talk to a financial advisor or professional about what you can do to start to work towards financial security, for example if bankruptcy is an option.

Finances can be scary for many, and they can ravage your health. But you don’t need to sit with the damaging effects. Help is out there. Talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to find out if personal bankruptcy is right for you.

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