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An individual who is unable to pay outstanding debt, can only obtain bankruptcy status by a state or federal court. Personal bankruptcy is often only considered as a last resort for individuals who are overwhelmed with debt obligations.

For a good majority of people, requiring filing of bankruptcy in Massachusetts, it may prevent or delay repossession of a vehicle, foreclosure on a home, or stop wage garnishment and harassment from creditors trying to collect debts.

Further, the filing for bankruptcy protection in Massachusetts, can be a costly process. However, our Law Firm offers low cost bankruptcy to people living near Framingham, Watertown, Westborough, and the surrounding communities in Middlesex and Worcester Counties.

The Benefits of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The greatest benefit for filing for bankruptcy protection is that that it wipes away most debt, and often all debt. Unfortunately, your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for approximately 7-10 years. However, even with this negative impact to your credit, the filing for bankruptcy can far outweigh the negative. Further, if you have been considering bankruptcy, your credit most likely is already damaged, so you may not endure greater damage.

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