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Any decision you make in life, no matter the venue it’s made in or the type of decision it is, is done with a fair amount of knowledge on your side. You wouldn’t go into the grocery store without a list, you wouldn’t take a road trip without a map, and you wouldn’t make financial decisions with research and literacy in your financial situation and your options.

It’s not only important to be financially literate, knowing your debt relief options regarding personal bankruptcy will help.

Credit card debt has reached its highest point ever and the majority of Americans don’t believe they’ll have the money they need for retirement. On top of that, almost half the country doesn’t have ability to reach the recommended $400 emergency fund. While financial literacy won’t fix all these problems, it will help you tackle them.

Below is a list of some of the most important reasons to make sure you’re literate in your financial issues and day-to-day transactions to understand the larger picture.


You’ve probably been told most of your life to be frugal with your money and to watch your spending, but that’s easier said than done when you don’t truly know what you’re doing with your money and why. You need to be efficient with your bills, groceries, and other necessities–that is paying them on time and in full–before you can see the picture of how much money you actually have left for spending and emergency purposes.

Organizing Your Life

In one way or another, your entire life tends to revolve around your finances and your ability to manage them effectively. You won’t know about groceries, vacations, getting gas, or even dinner plans unless you fully understand your financial situation and what all those words and numbers mean. Your life hinges on your finances, so it’s important to know what’s going on there.

Good Habits

Those suffering the most from financial burden tend to be the young: students who graduated with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Being financially literate before the loan payment process starts is incredibly important for setting up good habits for the rest of your life.

Related Questions

What If I Have to Declare Bankruptcy?

If you feel that you’re at the point that you need to declare bankruptcy, you need to speak to a professional. There are rules as to who is allowed to declare bankruptcy. There are rules to how you can handle your assets before and during the process, and there are different chapters based on your debt amount and income level. Bankruptcy may be an option for the better if you qualify.

How Do I Go About Becoming Literate?

Talk to an expert. A financial advisor is an important and smart investment for anyone. Even if you don’t want a long-term advisor, finding someone to give you at least a little bit of initial clarity is a great first step.

If you feel like you’re drowning in your finances and not sure where to turn, it’s important to do research and talk to experts. Personal bankruptcy might be an option and the bankruptcy attorneys at Hines Law can help. They will guide you every step of the way. Learning to understand and take control of your finances is doable with knowledge on your side.

Hines Law has been helping residents throughout Massachusetts with debt relief for over 15 years. No matter what your debt issues, we are committed to safeguard your interests and future by providing the right bankruptcy solution for your case. We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filing as well as help our clients with a plan to rebuild their finances and future. Call our Bankruptcy Law Firm today and schedule a Free case evaluation!