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Falling behind on your house payments can be the beginning of a downward spiral for maintaining your finances. If you are overwhelmed with owing money and are having a hard time making payments on your house, it’s highly likely that foreclosure is going to happen. Know that you have choices and protection is available. Speaking to a personal bankruptcy attorney should be first on your list to gain back control of your finances and save your home. You are not alone, foreclosure is more common than you think, and so are the reasons for it.

The main reasons for foreclosure are usually not in the homeowner’s control.

Some of the main reasons for foreclosure include:

Medical expenses and illnesses

Sudden illness whether suffered by the homeowner or a close member of the family is a major reason behind foreclosure. The added stress of a huge medical bill or a medical condition that puts one out of work they are both financial constraints.


The end of a marriage, both the parties are in a heightened emotional state and the strained communication between the couple may lead to a number of missed mortgage payments and neither one of them can shoulder the payments individually. The legal cost for divorce is also not cheap and this financial burden can eventually lead to foreclosure.


When the homeowner or the main breadwinner of a family dies, the surviving members of the family end up losing their homes due to unpaid mortgages. In such cases, a housing counselor may help the family avoid foreclosure with only one condition. The surviving spouse is in good condition and is able to work to meet the mortgage payments or use the proceeds from life insurance to make the payments.

How can one avoid foreclosure?

Contact your lender early enough to find another solution that will help you. Other ways you can avoid foreclosure include:

Maintain open communication with your lender

Lenders share viable information and options that will help you prevent foreclosure and an open communication line will keep your lender updated on your repayment status.

Understand your stipulated rights

Go through your mortgage documents and read through your loan rights to get a clear understanding of what is stipulated as the right cause of action from your lender in case of delayed or late payments. Educate yourself on foreclosure laws that apply to your state by reaching out to the Housing Offices in your state.

Related Questions

Can one stop the foreclosure by paying the due amount?

You should be in a position to reinstate your account by paying all outstanding fees including the legal fees. Any time before the transfer of the title, you will be able to stop a foreclosure.

Can filing for personal bankruptcy help stop foreclosure?

Yes, although many mortgage companies are willing to work with you and modify your payments, they may also be preparing for foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy in Massachusetts will stop a bank from being able to foreclose with an “automatic stay” issued by a judge.

Hines Law is a full-service bankruptcy firm that has been helping residents throughout Massachusetts with debt relief for over 15 years. If you are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the best way to save your home. We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and help you restructure your financial future.

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