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Bankruptcy is a complicated and serious situation! Whether it’s a business or an individual, declaring bankruptcy involves a public declaration that you are unable to pay your bills.

Having quality counsel is a crucial. Businesses must be represented by a lawyer. Individuals can represent themselves, but it’s not advisable, and not an easy thing to do. Laws differ from state to state, are changing frequently, and they’re complicated. Any mistakes can have a lasting effect!

Bankruptcy cases can be thrown out of court without the option of ever bringing it back!

With so much intensity and so much at stake, are there any benefits, any advantages to filing bankruptcy?

When you owe money and can’t make payments, you find yourself with demands at your doorstep, never ending threatening letters, and irate phone calls. This magnifies your level of stress. It impacts relationships negatively. It cancels out even the thought of quality of life.

You can feel like you’re drowning with no help to resurface. Once you declare bankruptcy, this hounding madness stops. The creditors can’t even talk to you. They aren’t allowed to.

Now it takes dozens and dozens of numerous forms to fill out, file and wait to be accepted. Once that happens, the bankruptcy court enacts what is called an automatic stay, protecting the debtor from collection attempts. This brings about a little bit of peace back into your life.

It eliminates the debt you owe, or else a plan is put in place to repay all or some of your debt. You get a new beginning.

Now, it won’t be easy, but you get a new start. Gone will be the credit card bills, old medical bills, and unsecured debt. You begin to feel your dignity returning.

Learning to live within your means is key! Paying anything on time is crucial, as it is just this that positively impacts the rebirth of your credit score. One late payment sends you so far back, you want to avoid it al all costs. Learning to meet your obligations enables you to rebuild your life, as well as your relationships that may have been strained, or even lost.

The goal of bankruptcy is to provide debtors with a new beginning. If you are drowning in debt and overwhelmed with your finances, bankruptcy may be an option for you. The bankruptcy attorneys at Hines Law are experienced and committed to doing what is best for your situation.

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