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How Does Personal Debt Happen So Fast?

Overwhelming financial debt is a problem that does not go away on its own. Depending on your situation, personal bankruptcy can provide a sensible debt solution. At Hines Law Offices, we handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and are committed to safeguard your...

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Debt Consolidation vs Personal Bankruptcy

There are different solutions to money woes. When in financial straits, people often lean towards debt consolidation instead of bankruptcy because they believe that personal bankruptcy will ruin their credit. There are, however aspects of debt settlement to consider...

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Managing Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy

Life does go on after personal bankruptcy. Hopefully for the better. Part of moving on includes having a plan to take control of your finances. Your credit isn’t going to be the best, however there is hope. Did you know that you can obtain your credit report free...

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Creditor Harassment and How to Stop It

Owing money is stressful enough, having a debt collector on your back makes it worse. There are options for debt relief available. The Bankruptcy Attorneys at Hines Law serving the Boston area can help. Stopping creditor harassment is an important step to getting back...

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Money Saving Tips After Bankruptcy

When recovering from financial issues, it’s easy to feel stressed, as well as negative, especially when it has dramatically affected your life style. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a household of one, two, or more. There are ways that you can cut costs,...

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Tips to Handle Finances and Stress

If you are drowning in debt, and can’t seem to make ends meet, personal bankruptcy may be an option for you. However, in order to benefit from debt relief, it’s wise to reevaluate your situation and make some changes. What is creating this emotional and financial...

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Ordinary Wage Garnishment and Federal Laws

Wage garnishment is a legal procedure where a portion of a debtor’s earnings are withheld by the employee to repay creditors. This is regarded as a severe consequence and is usually used only when an employee is seriously behind on their debts. Wage garnishment is the...

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The Basics of Chapter 7

Filing for bankruptcy is overwhelming. Although the laws vary from state to state the general process is the same. If you are thinking about filing, obtaining a bankruptcy attorney is always a good idea. The bankruptcy attorneys at Hines Law have been helping clients...

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